Spinal Decompression

The product of combining traditional traction with joint mobilization. It has been found to have a therapeutic benefit for conditions that involve nerve impingement syndrome in the lumbar and cervical regions. if you are interested in learning more about spinal decompression therapy, we suggest viewing our frequently asked questions & benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Does decompression therapy hurt?

No, it feels very relaxing. It’s not uncommon for patients to fall asleep while the therapy is performed.

Will it make herniated disc disappear?

Herniated discs represent weakened soft tissue. That weakness will probably remain, but decompression does take pressure off the structures surrounding the disc.

 Does the relief last?

The benefits of decompression therapy can last for very long periods if you make some positive changes in your lifestyle. However, since joint/disc weakness can persist, you may make a bend, twist or turn that could bring your symptoms back.


  • Pain Reduction by decreasing pressure on the nerves and joints

  • Increased ability to perform daily activities with less pain

  • Numbness and tingling decrease and strength returning to your extremities

Our Process:


Our initial examination will reveal whether your condition could be helped by decompression.


You will be placed on a decompression device that will gently stretch and separate the vertebrae in your area of concern.


After the decompression you will still see Dr. Clark for an adjustment to remobilize the vertebrae.


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