Dr. Carter Regula

Our Approach

Chiropractic is a method of mechanically analyzing the spine and other structures to determine proper motion. Improper movement can lead to pain and dysfunction. We find these areas and restore proper motion.

  • Safe

    - No other therapy has a better safety record than Chiropractic. We do not put anything unnatural in your body and we don’t take anything out of your body. We help the body awaken to it’s own self healing processes by gently remobilizing the joints with a special emphasis on the spine.

  • Effective

    - Chiropractic has been proven effective in numerous studies through the years, but at Clark Chiropractic, we take it one step further by doing a baseline examination on each new patient that can then be redone and compared after a set period of time. Patients are also monitored on a pain scale to a certain improvement. This is done on each visit.

  • Techniques

    - Dr. Regula is constantly looking for new and improved ways to help mobilize body structures in the easiest and most gentle way possible. We also stay on the cutting edge of pre-adjustment relaxation techniques as well as combining adjustments with area specific muscle facilitation techniques.

Our Process


You call the office and we schedule an appointment ASAP. No waiting 2-3 weeks to see the doctor when you are in pain. You come in and fill out our standard intake forms



You will be given muscle stimulation to relax the spinal region. Doctor will review X-ray and exam; based on that he will perform the adjustment techniques that he feels is most appropriate for you.


We schedule a follow up visit to go over and discuss the examination, x-ray and how you responded to treatment. Then we establish a treatment plan best suited for you.

Questions? We’re here to help!

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12 W Wenger Rd suite 6, Englewood, OH 45322, USA


12 W. Wenger Rd., Suite 6 | Englewood, OH 45322

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